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The operation of smart water systems is mainly dependent on many modern technological means such as cloud computing technology, Internet of Things technology and sensor technology. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, higher requirements have been imposed on the quality of urban water. The continuous application of smart water systems to urban water supply systems can not only effectively alleviate the pressure of urban water supply, but also improve the use of the entire urban water supply system to a certain extent, thereby ensuring the safety of residents' water use.
The importance of smart water systems
Smart water supply refers to the use of a series of advanced scientific technologies such as the Internet of Things technology, radio frequency identification technology, and cloud computing to effectively connect water plants, water supply networks and infrastructure of water supply communities to form a modern and intelligent water supply system. . The purpose of smart water supply is to use the internal connections between various systems and fields of water supply management as information resources to promote water supply management reform [1]. The significance of smart water is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:
(1) It can improve the investment environment, promote the development of city investment, and then comprehensively improve the level of city's information construction;
(2) It can significantly enhance the core competitiveness of the Water Division. Smart water supply is an effective guarantee for the development advantages of the Water Division, and is of great significance for the future development of the Water Division. It can not only achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, but also enhance the efficiency of the operation and maintenance of urban water supply management systems;
(3) Enhance work efficiency and service level. As an advanced intelligent management system, Smart Water is not only the basic platform of the modern service industry, but also a window for related government departments to connect with the masses. Intelligent management can improve the efficiency of communication between the masses and relevant government functional departments. Enhance the efficiency of government departments [2]. It can be seen that smart water services can not only enhance the level of urban water supply management, but also speed up the urbanization construction process to a certain extent and improve the level of urban infrastructure construction.
Specific application of smart water system in urban water supply management
According to the basic framework of smart water supply, with the optimization and integration of existing resources and the improvement of overall efficiency as the standard, a unified application platform and information resource system for intelligent water supply management were established.
1. Establishment of smart service platform for water supply management
The establishment of an intelligent urban water supply management service platform must be supported by resource sharing and video monitoring, and then use intelligent water supply management methods such as digital water supply, online service, and emergency command to realize a change in water supply management from passive to active [3]. The establishment of the smart water management platform for urban water supply has made the urban water supply management work more dynamic, refined, informatized and standardized.
The basic idea for the establishment of an intelligent service platform for urban water supply management is the integration of water supply management, but it also involves many ethics and professions, especially the management level, outside of traditional water supply management. Simply put, the informationization of water supply management bears more detailed business management responsibilities. For example, informatization of social management and informatization of people's livelihood services. Because more sophisticated service management is involved, most urban water supply informatization management must also be effectively docked with socialized services, making management more convenient, intelligent, and humane. It can be seen that urban smart water supply management needs to be based on long-term and a large number of basic research and analysis work. While satisfying the actual water supply needs of the city, from the perspective of medium and long-term development, the long-term management work should be enhanced.
2. Establishment of information resource system
The establishment of an information resource system is an important condition for ensuring the smart water supply management in cities to realize informatization planning. However, as far as the actual situation at this stage is concerned, most cities focus on project construction in short-to-medium-term planning, and the construction investment in frameworks and systems is seriously insufficient, resulting in the smart water supply management in most cities in China today. The information resource systems are relatively brief and rough, and cannot meet the needs of modern urban water supply management. Therefore, the establishment of a long-term and effective information resource system is an important way to ensure the intelligent development of urban smart water supply management. At the same time, the top-level design of smart water supply must also take this as the primary task to better meet the urban smart water supply management information Long-term needs for global development.
Third, the actual benefit analysis of smart water system application
The benefits of smart water system applications in urban water supply management are mainly reflected in two aspects:
First, social benefits.
(1) It can ensure the security of urban water supply, and has an important role in the stable development of society and the construction of a harmonious society;
(2) It can significantly improve the water quality of urban water supply, thereby improving the quality of life of the people and promoting the overall development of the urban economy;
(3) Can significantly improve water supply services. Under the influence of the smart water system, the water supply unit must not only produce aquatic products that meet the standards, but also enhance its own water supply security, increase service awareness, and ensure the quality and safety of water supply. Water supply services have become more intelligent, humane and modern.
Second, corporate benefits.
Thanks to the application of the intelligent water supply system, the water supply quality can be significantly improved and the water supply safety can be guaranteed. Therefore, the smart water supply system can improve the social image of the water company to a certain extent, at the same time improve management efficiency, reduce management costs, contribute to the construction of urban infrastructure, and then promote the overall development of the urban economy.
Fourth, the conclusion
The application of smart water system to the urban water supply system is of vital importance to effectively improve the quality of urban water and continuously promote the sustainable development of the city. Therefore, we should first understand and understand the concept of smart water affairs system, and then continue to improve the city's smart water affairs system from the overall framework of smart water affairs, information collection and transmission layer, data layer, portal layer and data management platform, and apply it to In the urban water supply system, to promote the efficient development of urban water affairs, provide more convenient services for people to use domestic water, and continuously improve people's water safety.


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