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In recent years, with the construction of smart cities, the advancement of modern communication technology and control technology, and the application of Internet of Things technology, a boom in smart heating has emerged in China. Many heating companies, system integration companies, and equipment manufacturing companies have joined the ranks of smart heating and built some smart heating projects. The reasons for the emergence of smart heating in China are reflected in the following aspects.

1.1 Heating companies
In recent years, China's urban construction has accelerated, heating technology has advanced rapidly, the level of heating equipment and equipment has been improved, the knowledge structure requirements of heating operation managers have increased, the operating pressure of heating companies has increased, and traditional heating management models And heating operation management methods have been unable to meet development needs, and the overall level of heating needs to be urgently improved.
① The scale of heating supply is constantly expanding, and some cities have begun to build waves and networks. Heating systems are increasingly demanding safety. In the past heating systems, heating accidents caused by pipeline corrosion, cracks, illegal operations, sudden water outages and power outages have occurred from time to time, which has seriously affected the normal operation of cities and caused adverse social impacts. The original management model is no longer suitable for the safety requirements of large-scale heating systems, and new methods and methods are needed to solve the natural safety problem.
② With the introduction and localization of heating equipment in Europe, China's heating equipment has made great progress, and many heating enterprises are equipped with advanced heating units and building equipment. Most of the newly built thermal power stations are equipped with modern instruments and control devices, and individual enterprises are equipped with geographic information systems (GIS) to achieve remote monitoring of operating parameters. The installed heat metering facilities provide the user's room temperature and heat data required for operation. Although a small number of thermal stations have realized automatic control of operation and unattended operation, the level of automation is not high, and most of the massive information of heating systems stays at the stage of forming data curves and data reports. Operators still mainly issue scheduling instructions based on traditional manual control methods. The traditional operation and dispatch mode of the heating industry urgently needs to break through.
③ The hydraulic imbalance of the primary heating pipe network has been solved to a certain extent, and the hydraulic imbalance of the secondary heating pipe network still exists. The cultural level of the heating operation management team has improved, and the traditional method of adjusting pipes for drilling pipes is no longer suitable for the new generation of operation managers. It requires the innovation of hydraulic balance adjustment methods.
④ After the current heating price in China is determined, the adjustment cycle is longer. In recent years, in order to eliminate haze, environmental protection has been strengthened in various places, and heating companies have increased new expenditures in addition to current prices. With the continuous increase of heating operation costs, the profit margin of heating companies is decreasing, creating an unprecedented sense of crisis. To reduce the production costs of enterprises, only relying on technological progress, advanced enterprises use advanced information technology to optimize the supply. Thermal system operation adjustment in order to improve the operating efficiency of the heating system, reduce energy consumption, and reduce heating costs. Informatization has made the situation of watching the sky burn and operating by feeling has become history. Some heating stations are automated and unattended, which reduces the labor intensity of operating personnel and reduces labor costs. These technological advances have brought limited changes to the heating industry. Heating companies are looking for greater heating wisdom and ideas for bringing change to the heating industry.
1.2 The development of heating related enterprises is related to the progress of heating equipment manufacturing enterprises and system integration enterprises.
① Equipment manufacturing enterprises
The amount of equipment required for heating is large and varied. Recently, there are many equipment manufacturing companies that provide heating services. The performance of the products can meet the needs of the current heating system, but the performance of most equipment is single, the technical indicators are backward, and the technical information of the equipment provided by the equipment manufacturing enterprises cannot meet the heating requirements. New requirements for system operation. At present, the production capacity of conventional equipment manufacturing enterprises is already excessive, and market competition is fierce. Although new products are constantly appearing, equipment manufacturing enterprises have insufficient innovation capabilities and ambiguous goals. They are seeking new technological progress and further improving equipment functions.
②System integration enterprises System integration enterprises have grown from small to large. After nearly 30 years of development, they have become an important part of the heating industry. Today, the performance of the acquisition equipment is stable, and the heating data acquisition system has a high degree of maturity and a wide range of popularization: communication technology has developed rapidly, and new methods for data transmission have been continuously provided: the scale of heating network monitoring has continued to expand and unattended heating stations have developed rapidly . Although there are many data platforms provided by various system integration enterprises, there are few truly high-level platforms. System integration companies have fierce competition and low profits, and urgently need to find channels to expand service space and improve technology.
1.2 Heating industry
The advancement of information technology has provided a new means for the operation and management of heating enterprises, but the current information system is incomplete and lacks a heating system operation model and high-level regulation control strategies. This is because the school's professional education currently teaches only system design and construction. The actual operation of the heating system is dynamic, and the static knowledge learned by the operating personnel at the school has limited guidance for heating operation. The lack of knowledge on the instrumentation and control of the system operating personnel can not bring up high-level operating methods and requirements. System integrators lack basic thermal engineering knowledge, do not understand heating network operation management, and are unable to discern the correctness and error of existing heating operation methods. They cannot come up with advanced adjustment and control methods. Type of operation management method, or according to the integration personnel's past but not necessarily the best experience, to formulate the regulation control strategy of the heating system.
Smart heating can closely integrate heating companies, system integration companies, and equipment manufacturing companies to meet the needs of heating companies seeking technological progress and reducing operating costs, and to meet the needs of equipment manufacturing companies seeking technological innovation and further improving equipment functions. , To meet the needs of system integration companies looking for expandable service space and achieve technological upgrading.


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