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Smart Gas

The world is advancing the transformation of efficient, clean, and diversified energy sources. China ’s energy structure is improving, and LNG gasification stations and other sites will also be enriched. China is a large natural gas resource country. The development of natural gas is the general trend. With rapid development, natural gas will probably surpass oil as the world's largest primary energy source in the future.
The Internet of Things is another revolutionary development of the information industry after computers, the Internet, and mobile communications. It has been officially listed as one of the strategic emerging industries that the country is focusing on. The Internet of Things industry has the characteristics of a long industrial chain and involves multiple industrial groups, and its application scope covers almost all industries. China's Internet industry is developing rapidly, with the number of Internet users in the world. It already has the foundation for the future development of the Internet of Things industry. With the support of information technology, the Internet of Things is triggering a new round of lifestyle changes and has become a rapidly growing and huge market.
What is the Internet of Things?
The Internet of Things uses two-dimensional code reading equipment, radio frequency identification (RFID) devices, infrared sensors, global positioning systems and laser scanners and other information sensing devices to connect any item to the Internet for information exchange according to agreed protocols. And communication to achieve intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of a network.
The Internet of Things is widely used in the convergence of networks through communication perception technologies such as intelligent perception, identification technology and pervasive computing. It is therefore called the third wave of the world's information industry development after computers and the Internet. The Internet of Things is an application development of the Internet. Rather than saying that the Internet of Things is a network, it is better to say that the Internet of Things is business and applications. Therefore, application innovation is the core of the development of the Internet of Things, and innovation 2.0 with user experience as the core is the soul of the development of the Internet of Things.
What is smart gas?
The three main levels of smart gas concepts are: smart pipe network, smart gas network, and smart gas. The smart pipe network is the core business module. The smart gas network extends to terminal applications on the basis of the smart pipe network and integrates smart metering and smart services. Smart gas is based on the smart gas network to achieve interoperability with other energy sources. The interoperability of data and the organic integration of the energy Internet provide high quality and lowest cost energy services.
Smart gas is an effective means for gas companies to improve their comprehensive operation level, expand the scope of gas companies' operations, strengthen the intrinsic safety of their operations, increase customer satisfaction, and increase their economic benefits. It represents the future development trend of the industry and will also bring urban energy systems. Profound changes. At present, the gas industry has done a lot of work on the construction of smart gas and achieved some staged results, but there is still a long way to go to achieve smart gas. We need to continue to enrich our concepts, promote innovative thinking, increase technological leadership, strengthen communication within the industry, continue to promote the construction of smart gas, and make positive contributions to sustainable high-end economic, social, and environmental development.
What is the relationship between the Internet of Things and smart gas?
The gas industry is divided into three large enterprise forms: gas production enterprises, mainly domestic petroleum companies, China Petrochemical Corporation, and China National Offshore Oil Exploration Company; gas transmission enterprises, constructed and operated in stages according to the West-East Gas Pipeline; downstream city gas The company wholesales natural gas from gas transmission companies, and then builds urban pipeline networks to transport natural gas to residential users' homes. The gas industry involves multiple links such as production, transmission, storage, metering, use, marketing, etc., and its long transmission range and wide use range have resulted in high-quality, unified, and high-quality management, monitoring, and customer service services. Efficiency will be very difficult. With the application of the Internet of Things, smart gas transmission networks are gradually mentioned on the agenda. Through the Internet of Things technology, the original gas network can be effectively transformed to make it more intelligent and help gas companies to improve Aspect ability.
Specific needs may include:
1. Use wireless automatic meter reading system to meet the informatization needs of city gas sales and meter reading;
2. Monitoring of the gas pipeline network. By setting up GPRS data acquisition modules at major monitoring points such as gate stations, pressure measurement stations, etc., in conjunction with video monitoring and gas leakage monitoring in key areas, remote wireless monitoring of the pipeline network can be realized;
3. The gas company establishes an enterprise-level management information system, including OA, mail, and vehicle monitoring, to improve the overall informatization level of the gas company;
4. According to the main pipeline transmission, gate station monitoring, storage station monitoring, pressure measuring station, home transmission, gas filling station, meter reading, office, marketing and 9 parts are described separately.
In short, the times are developing rapidly. With the continuous deepening of the Internet of Things and other technologies, the construction of gas information technology covers all aspects of business management. Specifically in the field of gas management, it is the full application of computer technology, Internet technology, geographic information technology, Internet of Things technology, etc. In the network construction, pipeline transmission and distribution, pipeline maintenance, and pipeline emergency, the gas monitoring system has been implemented. Digital and intelligent management throughout.


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