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Smart agriculture

First of all, the construction of the Internet of Things is the foundation of smart agriculture. With the gradual application of 5G, the combination of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence products will bring new development opportunities to smart agriculture, and will also create a brand-new technology from the perspective of technology. Smart agricultural ecology.
First: collection of basic information. An important role of the Internet of Things is to complete the collection of various information, and information collection has important practical significance for the agricultural field, such as monitoring the growth environment of crops, monitoring the production environment of various farms, and so on. With the gradual development of the Internet of Things, the collection of information will become more comprehensive in the future. Information collection is the foundation of smart agriculture, and information collection in the field of smart agriculture is mainly completed by the Internet of Things, so the foundation of smart agriculture construction is the Internet of Things system.
Second: environmental control. In addition to the information collection of the Internet of Things, another function is environmental control, such as crop irrigation, temperature control, lighting control, etc. This has practical significance for large-scale management and remote management of smart agriculture, which can not only save A large amount of human and material resources can also reduce the impact of the external environment on agricultural growth.
Third: Smart management. The core of smart agriculture lies in smart management. Smart management requires a complete system structure to support it. It consists of six levels, which are equipment, network, platform, analysis, application, and security. The links closely related to the Internet of Things include equipment, Networks and platforms. As the IoT platform matures, the application boundary of the IoT in the field of smart agriculture will gradually expand.


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