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Smart Fire

First, the Internet of Things makes smart fire fighting more intelligent
In the face of such a strong call from the fire protection industry, I am worried about the uncertain IoT technology in the business model and application fields.
What is smart fire protection? In short, thanks to the development of sensors, IoT communications, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, the fire protection work has been transformed from equipment to process upgrades to achieve overall informationization and intelligence, so as to improve the efficiency of fire protection and disaster situations. Control of hazards and even the reduction of macro-level fire accidents.
The first is the transformation of fire fighting equipment, namely the IoT perception layer. In previous fire deployments, most of the fire hydrants were used for emergency treatment after the fire, but there were fewer applications of sensing equipment before the fire. The reason is that although the previous independent smoke detection alarms and other devices have information collection and alarm capabilities, the data transmission network is not easy to use (requires additional configuration), so their popularity is limited.
Nowadays, with the rapid maturity of IoT communication technologies (such as LPWAN), the NB-IoT network has been widely deployed by the three major operators, and the LoRa camp has also gone hand in hand with its advantages such as rapid deployment of independent networks. In recent years, independent smart smoke detection devices such as communication technology have experienced explosive growth. In addition to smoke detectors, a series of supporting facilities such as intelligent fire hydrants, intelligent sound and light alarms, gas detection, and fire door monitoring have opened up the basic functions of positioning and video monitoring.
Secondly, it is the upgrading of fire protection procedures. On the basis of comprehensive perception, stable communication and cloud analysis are important promoters to achieve accurate and efficient fire protection processes.
Communication technologies such as NB-IoT and LoRa are specifically designed for the interconnection of all things. They have the characteristics of low power consumption, wide coverage, large connections, and low cost, and meet a series of requirements for dense smoke detection, national deployment, and real-time response.
The integrated fire protection supervision platform is a central hub that receives all fire protection data and monitors the status of all fire protection equipment. This platform is a comprehensive reflection of cloud, big data, and fire protection industry expertise. The rich fire protection application in the SaaS layer is a weapon to accelerate the fire protection process. With the help of application push on the mobile terminal (such as the fire control execution team), it can realize all-round functions such as accurate real-time alarm, self-inspection report and abnormal prediction, video linkage, remote arming and disarming.
Second, the Internet of Things enables passive fire protection to active fire protection.
From traditional to smart http://www.zzjtl.com, from passive to active, from people to human power to relying on technology, the trend of smart fire protection has been highly recognized by the fire department of the Public Security Bureau and practitioners of the Internet of Things. . In 2015 and at the end of last year, the Ministry of Public Security vigorously promoted independent smoke alarms and held smart fire protection construction and fire prevention and control work promotion conferences:
Li Wei, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Public Security, emphasized to speed up the construction of "smart fire protection", continuously improve the scientific and technological content of fire prevention and control, and promote the scientific, informative and intelligent fire protection work. It is necessary to adhere to unified planning and unified standards, and build a basic support platform for "smart fire protection", an automatic sensing platform, an analysis and judgment platform, and a shared common governance platform as soon as possible. It is necessary to strengthen the practical application of "smart fire protection", and promote the realization of accurate fire risk prediction, intelligent fire prevention and control, scientific combat command, and regular team management.
IoT practitioners are also playing their part in this opportunity. The core IoT technologies involved in smart fire protection include: NB-IoT / LoRa communication modules, positioning modules, smoke / photoelectric sensitive sensors, NB-IoT / LoRa IoT networks, and IoT cloud platform technologies.
Third, the smart fire protection solution
The Internet of Things fire emergency management cloud uses the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and other technical means to explore and establish a new model of combined prevention and elimination work, and fully promote the overall promotion of socialized fire protection work.
On the one hand, the platform can urge social units to carry out fire inspections carefully, so that the unit's safety manager can control the safety status of the unit in real time.
For example: whether the unit's inspectors have conducted serious inspections, and whether the problems found have been rectified seriously. At the same time, the system also provides smart and safe electricity, remote monitoring of fixed fire-fighting facilities, and visual monitoring of key parts. It collects field data in real time and is unattended. It can also prevent fire accidents.
In the actual application process, the Internet of Things cloud platform can provide more convenience for the fire department to carry out work in terms of fire information collection, data analysis, and data transfer. The collected information is transmitted to the IoT information management system through mobile information collection equipment such as sensors, and relevant management personnel can take relevant measures in time to achieve better fire protection effects with the help of firefighters and fire protection equipment near the place where the fire occurred.
With the help of the fire IoT cloud platform, fire prevention and control will become more scientific. Through the Internet of Things cloud platform, fire prevention and control departments can understand the operating status of fire alarm systems in various regions and the frequency of fire incidents anytime, anywhere, so as to formulate prevention plans in advance. Once the danger occurs, the fire departments in various places can calmly respond to the sudden fire situation.
In addition, the fire-fighting Internet of Things cloud platform also facilitates the comprehensive dispatch of fire-fighting resources. With the help of the Internet of Things cloud platform, the local fire department can aggregate information such as the distribution of water sources and the use of fire fighting equipment into a unified system. By viewing relevant information, firefighters can understand the distribution of fire water sources available near the fire scene, which helps to solve the problems of water supply, difficulty in finding water, and shortage of water sources.
In the future, as the fire-fighting Internet of Things cloud platform accelerates construction in various regions of the country, the construction of the entire smart fire protection system will also be increasingly perfected, and the response capabilities of various regions in terms of fire resource sharing and disaster early warning will be further improved. By then, under the strong promotion of the new generation of information technology, Gentry's smart fire protection business will achieve new development results!



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