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Smart environmental protection

In early 2009, IBM introduced the concept of "smart earth", and US President Barack Obama raised "smart earth" as a national strategy. The core of "Smart Earth" is to use a newer generation of information technology to change the way governments, businesses and people interact with each other in order to improve the clarity, efficiency, flexibility and response speed of interactions, and realize information The perfect combination of infrastructure and infrastructure. With the concept of "smart earth", how to make full use of various information and communication technologies in the field of environmental protection, perceive, analyze and integrate various types of environmental protection information, make intelligent responses to various needs, and make decisions more suitable for environmental development. Yes, the concept of "smart environmental protection" came into being.
"Smart environmental protection" is based on the original "digital environmental protection". With the help of the Internet of Things technology, sensors and equipment are embedded in various environmental monitoring objects (objects), and the Internet of Things in the environmental protection field is integrated through supercomputers and cloud computing. To realize the integration of human society and environmental business systems, and realize the "wisdom" of environmental management and decision-making in a more refined and dynamic way. "Smart environmental protection" is an extension and expansion of the concept of "digital environmental protection" and an inevitable trend of information technology progress.
The intelligent environmental protection platform is composed of two parts: data acquisition hardware and data center software system. The data acquisition hardware is responsible for collecting various environmental data on site and transmitting the data to the data center. The data center is equipped with an intelligent environmental protection software system. The software system is responsible for storing, analyzing, summarizing, displaying and alarming the data. The environmental data that the intelligent environmental protection platform can collect includes air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, CO2 concentration, light intensity, water temperature, ammonia nitrogen in water, dissolved oxygen concentration, and pH value. The data transmission method adopts wireless method. The wireless ZigBee technology can be used for free networking between the collectors and between the collectors and the routers. The routers and data center servers use GPRS or 3G communication technology for communication. When the environmental data exceeds the threshold set by the system, the system will generate an alarm, and notify related personnel through sound and light alarms, mobile phone text messages and pop-up windows, and start or close related equipment to adjust the site environmental indicators.


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